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On a global scale, there is a growing need for flexibility and autonomy. We want to define our own work time, -task and place. “Work from Anywhere” will be the new standard.

Wise accommodates the best bespoke activity-based work style that suits all types of workers. In collaboration with a variety of locations, we provide inspiring, social, flexible and professional workplaces. Wise is a platform where workers can search, find and book a workplace that matches every professional demand and need.

We all work from home more frequently, and actually appreciate it: we reduce our commute and plan our day routine ourselves. Employers are happy to be able to support their workforce, as working from home is energy- and cost-efficient and contributes to a greener planet.

Yet, working from home also brings its own daily challenges - Not all types of work activities can be done from home. Not everyone has the space to create a dedicated work area. Not everyone experiences the focus nor the inspired work atmosphere at home. And people notice that it has become more difficult to find the off-switch from work. All these factors can negatively impact our wellbeing.

Wise offers a change of scenery while being surrounded by other workers and maybe work together with a colleague. A place that is not your home, where distractions, chaos or silence can interrupt a satisfying workday. Wise stimulates the work-life balance, enhances social connectivity and boosts creativity and deep work.

Wise is for every worker. For employees, employers, freelancers and entrepreneurs. For everyone who is looking for an inspiring, cozy, social and or professional workplace. Close to home, together or alone.

Wise offers a pay-per-hour workplace in social and inspiring hospitality locations. Users can book their workplace for one or more hour(s). Wise is a platform to search, find and book a workplace that matches every professional activity and demand. So that whenever you work, you can make it a kick-ass workday.

Our mission is to help create an optimal work mode and positively influence wellbeing.