tickle your senses, sharpen your mind.

tickle your senses, sharpen your mind.

Changing your scenery has long since been regarded as one of the best ways to sharpen the mind. It can boost creativity, hone your problem solving skills, and overall is just good for your mental health.

We need new stimuli to keep our brain functioning at a healthy level. New sights, sounds, thoughts, languages, and experiences all contribute.

So, in the world of work where nothing really seems to change, how do you stay on top of your game? That answer is easy: by shaking up the location you work from.

Wise for employees, employers, freelancers and students

At Wise, we’re big believers in the so-called “third workplace” - which is essentially a third location that can change where an employee spends a portion of their working week alongside working from home and in the office. Our proposed 2-2-1 model (2 days at home, 2 days at the office, and 1 day in a different location) means that employees can be there for that super-important meeting, be there for that delivery they’re expecting, and boost their happiness and productivity levels all in one week.

Wise brings you a variety of inspiring, pay-per-minute workplaces. In collaboration with the city’s pearls we aim to boost your workweek. Every Wise spot is facilitated with:
  • safe wifi connection and outlets.
  • coffee, tea and water.
  • possibilities to collaborate with a colleague.
  • a warm welcome.

The Wise app lists all available Wise spots. You can book yours in advance or you can go to your selected spot straight away.

Steps to take
  1. You always check-in after arrival at the location. Use your QR code scanner, scan the location’s QR code and start using your spot.
  2. Coffee, tea and water are included.
  3. Done working? Please check-out using the same QR code scanner in your app.
  4. The next and last step is your payment. Pay for your Wise spot in the app via iDeal or your [company code].

Do you need help?

We realize this is a new way of working. Although we all know the way platforms and apps work, we have to adapt to a new one. Please let us know if you need any help and feel free to give us your feedback. Head to the frequently asked questions to get more information about the app.

Our mission is to help create an optimal work mode and positively influence wellbeing.