working in social environments

What's happening?

  • A growing number of employees is facing a disturbed work-life balance with burn-outs as a result.
  • Employees working from home or commuting negatively impact the environment.
  • A tight labor market and different work generations ask for new employee benefits.

How can we help? With…

  • A workplace that is available from 9 to 6. Let's keep the evening for other activities and our private lives.
  • A workplace close to home, within walking and cycling distance. A little bit of exercise never hurts.
  • A professional, informal, vibrant or quiet workplace. Whatever your team needs, there's a workplace for everyone.

What to expect?

  • A beautiful platform for your team to search, find, book and guarantee a workplace that suits their professional need.
  • A user friendly app for your team to check-in & out at every workplace. And coffee and tea is included.
  • A [company code] that works for your team to pay for the use of their workplace. We take care of the rest, you decide what works best.