working in social environments

Work from anywhere, change your scenery and boost creativity. Wise offers a variety of inspiring workplaces.

On a global scale, there is a growing need for flexibility and autonomy. We want to define our own work time, -task and place. Work from Anywhere will be the new standard.

Wise accommodates the best bespoke activity-based work style that suits all types of workers. In collaboration with a variety of locations, we provide inspiring, social, flexible and professional workplaces.

work from anywhere

at the office

Meet with colleagues, improve team spirit and collaboration and socially connect

at home

Reduce commute, plan your own day routine and increase productivity

with wise

Get inspired, boost your creativity, deep work and improve your work-life balance

how does it work?

Wise provides a platform where workers can search, find and book a workplace that suits every professional demand and need.

“Our mission is to help create an optimal work mode and positively influence wellbeing.”

meet our partners

These companies and locations
support our mission and facilitate
inspiring workplaces.

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about us

“Hey there. With ten years of experience in hospitality and coworking we are thrilled to launch wise. We love dynamic work environments and we ourselves are most productive when we get to choose to work anytime anywhere.

The world of hospitality is changing as well as company cultures. We aim to merge these two worlds.

Over the past months we carefully selected a variety of the best workplaces. Together with them we help you create your optimal work mode. We bring inspiration, boost creativity and increase wellbeing.” ~ Roos Zondervan & Florien Smits, founders Wise.

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Florien Smits & Roos Zondervan