tickle your senses, sharpen your mind.

The future of work is hybrid

Choosewise offers a mix of inspiring, pay-per-minute workplaces for every professional need.

Choosewise for your team

Together with a strong network of premium location partners, Choosewise provides an inspiring mix of pay-per-minute workplaces. It's a blend of coworking spaces, cultural and hospitality venues, interior design studios and creative offices. Within walking or cycling distance. For every professional need.

“Our mission is to help create an optimal work mode and positively influence wellbeing.”

Choosewise Informal team meeting | Spaces Rode Olifant, The Hague
Choosewise remote on the beach | PLSTK Cafe
Choosewise Architecture and history | Buitenplaats Doornburgh
Collaborate and connect | Laatbloeien Rotterdam
Choosewise Formal team meeting | Coffeelab Breda
Furniture and design | Fest Rotterdam
Meeting other people | Edge Workspaces Amsterdam
Coworking spaces | Oceans Haarlem
Delicious barista coffee | Karibu Utrecht
The #1 healthiest food | The Farm Kitchen