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Cowork Connect Pass

Stay connected and productive with the Cowork Connect Pass, which provides access to three vibrant locations!

Introducing the Cowork Connect Pass, your ticket to flexible workspaces across three amazing locations!
Stay connected, boost productivity, and network with fellow freelancers.

Key Features:
10 check-ins at 3 unique and amazing coworking spaces*
Access to The Sandbox, Laatbloeien, and The Villy Works Rotterdam
Explore amenities and perks at each location on Choosewise

How It Works:
1. Get your pass: Secure your Cowork Connect Pass by emailing us at
2. Start exploring: Once you have your pass, you're ready to start exploring! Use your 10 check-ins at any of our three partner locations.
3. Check-In and Check-Out: Simply check-in at one of the three Cowork Connect Pass locations, and check-out using your unique Cowork Connect code, which you can request upon pass activation.
4. Enhance your experience: Discover the perks and amenities available at each. location through the Choosewise platform.

The Cowork Connect Pass is available for just €200,-, unlocking a world of opportunity across Rotterdam with coffee, tea, and water included!

*The Cowork Connect Pass is valid for up to one year after purchase.

Join Choosewise and discover a new dimension of flexible working!