working in social environments

about us

“Hey there. With ten years of experience in hospitality and coworking we are thrilled to launch wise. We love dynamic work environments and we ourselves are most productive when we get to choose to work anytime anywhere.

The world of hospitality is changing as well as company cultures. We aim to merge these two worlds.

Over the past months we carefully selected a variety of the best workplaces. Together with them we help you create your optimal work mode. We bring inspiration, boost creativity and increase wellbeing.

We aim to help every worker to work at least one morning or afternoon in an inspiring and social work environment, with the help of our founding partners:

- Klaas Jan Witvoet, kickstarter, support and help
- Fabrizio di Bon, designer
- Cristel Klandermans & Chiara Izelaar, Today’s Specials, PR agency
- Justin Nan, Deep Thought Productions
- Frank Compeer, Adjoy Development
- Amber Naomi Photography

And, let’s not forget about our founding friends with a special shout-out to Roel de Lange and Ewald Smits.

Up next?!

The upcoming weeks we will further grow our brand. We will keep adding inspiring workplaces and talking with employers. Together with our CTO we will work towards launching the platform once the world has reopened. Follow us and all developments via LinkedIn, Instagram and/or email.

We want to talk to everyone who believes working from anywhere is here to stay. Please leave your details and we will be in touch. ~ Roos Zondervan & Florien Smits, founders Wise.