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On a global scale, there is a growing need for flexibility and ownership. We want to define our own work time, -task and place. “Work from Anywhere” will be the new standard. WISE. helps to create the best activity based work mode for every worker. In collaboration with a variety of hospitality venues the platform provides inspiring, social, flexible and professional workplaces. WISE. provides a platform to search, find and book a workplace that matches every activity and need.


We all work from home more frequently and we love it: we reduce our commute and plan our day rhythm ourselves. Employers are happy to be able to support their workforce, contribute to the environment and they save costs on real estate and workplaces.


However, working from home also brings challenges. It can negatively impact our wellbeing. Not every home situation suits an 8-hour workday. This negatively influences our mental health. Besides that, the needs and wants of younger work generations change. They are looking for more flexibility; they want to work from anywhere.

Coworking concepts are rapidly growing. Yet, they are often not flexible enough. Users subscribe for multiple day use and a monthly membership.


WISE. offers a pay-per-hour workplace in social and inspiring hospitality venues with good coffee. Users can book their workplace for one or more hour(s). A change of scenery, being surrounded by other workers, cowork with a colleague. Being away from home, from chaos or silence. WISE. stimulates the work-life balance, enhances social connectivity and boosts creativity and productivity.

WISE. is for every worker. For employees, employers, freelancers and entrepreneurs. For everyone who is looking for an inspiring, cozy, social or professional workplace. Close to home, together or alone.

Our mission

Our mission is to help create the best work mode and positively influence wellbeing.