tickle your senses, sharpen your mind.


Wise is live.

As of today, Wise brings you the coolest work spots to get the most out of yourself and your week. Wise features workplaces in the most beautiful locations in the Netherlands, where the environment provides inspiration so that you come to the best insights and focus. Or as we like to say, “tickle your senses, sharpen your mind”.

Wise offers you a flexible, third workplace as part of the hybrid working week, next to your (home) office. We are here for all types of workers and employers.

So, how does it work?

It couldn’t be easier. Open the Wise app* on your smartphone and to book a workplace at your favorite location or just go there without making a reservation.

Upon entering, please:

  • Check in with your Wise account by scanning the QR code at the bar or reception.
  • Order your favorite cup of coffee or tea. Your first one is on the house.
  • Get working.
  • And when you’re done? Check out using the same QR code. You directly pay for your workplace via iDeal, or your boss pays (better).

Each Wise spot is a pleasant workplace in a stimulating environment. You are not obliged to make purchases, you will not be disturbed, and you will not be sent away.

This is just the beginning

As we continue to develop, the app only gets better. We would love to hear your feedback and experience.
Please let us know via any preferred channel.

Make it a kick-ass workday!

Roos and Florien
Team Wise

*Wise is a progressive web app: a mobile website that functions like an app and can be opened in any browser on a mobile phone. You don’t have to download it from the App/Play Store.